prince - when to act good or bad in a situation. His people...

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Stephanie Russo Eng 130 February 1 st , 2008 The Prince By Machiavelli The Prince , by Machiavelli, outlines the attributes necessary to be a successful leader. In regards to government, a prince can come into power by civic principality. This means that they are elected by the popularity they hold. Such a prince did not acquire power through crime, but through his striking attitude and his wealth. A prince elected by civic principality is a wise one, and the people rely on him and are faithful to him throughout his reign. A prince must be directly connected with his army. The army must respect the prince, just as well as the prince must respect the army. A prince must remain active in peaceful times so that if a problem arises he will have a relationship with his army. A prince must be prudent and know
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Unformatted text preview: when to act good or bad in a situation. His people should not only fear him, but love him. A prince must be strong and powerful to gain a reputation. Extraordinary acts will improve a prince’s reputation, such as deciding to drive out another people from his area or overtake another people. A prince must be interested in taking advantage of every chance to become famous. A prince must not fail and keep his dignity throughout. A prince must be involved in human affairs, but it is not encouraged to be involved at all times. The prince must have a certain distance from his people that only his closest can overcome. A prince must conform to situations in a forceful yet cautious way. The prince must be seen as the highest body of power within an area, and it should not be questioned....
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prince - when to act good or bad in a situation. His people...

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