stc - implies that through change of beliefs, such as the...

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Stephanie Russo April 5 2008 Comp 130.03 Scopes Trial Cartoon “What Manner of Material So Enduring?” In the cartoon, “What Manner of Material So Enduring?” published on May 3, 1925, the creationism side of the Scopes Trial is depicted. The Scriptures, represented by a drawing of the Bible is placed at the top of a rocky hill. The Bible is the biggest aspect of the picture, ensuring its importance. On the hill, the rocks have words written on them. Words such as “hate”, “atheism”, “vanity”, and “conceit” are visible. As mentioned in the commentary, these words seem to represent the author’s idea of modern America. The fact that these words are surrounded by dirt and darkness proves the author’s discontent. It is obvious that the Bible prevails above all of these things; therefore the Bible prevails over modern America. The cartoon has a dark vibe to it, to make the situation seem bad. If evolution was mentioned in the picture, it would be written on one of the rocks in the dirt, right next to atheism. This
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Unformatted text preview: implies that through change of beliefs, such as the belief in evolution that modern America is getting worse. The author is clearly faithful to his belief in the Bible and opposes the change that America is undergoing. Even though evolution is not clearly depicted, it is implied through the word atheism written on a rock. Evolution did not need to be mentioned, because it was obvious what the cartoon represented. The message of the cartoon is obvious to all, considering that it was published during the Scopes Trial. This cartoon has the opportunity to portray as much information as an editorial, but in a smaller area. The ideas of the author are available to readers quicker in a cartoon such as this. The reader’s only job is to interpret how the author feels about the situation through the cartoon, which this specific author depicts well....
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stc - implies that through change of beliefs, such as the...

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