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Technology and Productivity

Technology and Productivity - information from someone all...

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Technology and Productivity I believe that technology in the workplace increases productivity rather than hinders it. Many see the internet as the universal workplace entertainment but if it wasn’t the internet than it would be something else. Though the internet may actually occupy the time of many employees in just about every place of employment, it is because of it we have the time to do so. With the expansion of the world wide web we can communicate with people just about everywhere around the globe. We have web capable laptops, cell phones, and PDA’s that all allow us to conduct personal and business transactions on the move twenty four hours a day. This allows us to instantly send important documents and information in the matters of seconds to someone in the next office or across the ocean. I personally love email. I can check my email first thing in the morning when I get to our lab, answer and or solve any problems , or ask for additional
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Unformatted text preview: information from someone all in the fracture of the time it would of took on the phone. In the days before the internet someone would have to conduct on their business by dialing several numbers, leaving messages on voice mails, and spending three times the amount of time that I saved by using email. As a mentioned above one of the greatest assets of people being connected via the web is the ability for them to communicate. In my own personal experience, we are required to gain continuing education credits to be able to keep my certification in my field. To do so requires us attend lectures and other conferences to gain these credits. But with the modern technology we are able to have teleconferences in our building by someone that is across the nation. So not are we only saving time by not having to travel long distances but we are saving the department lots of money in travel and registration fees that would otherwise be occurred....
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  • Spring '08
  • LisaPrettyman
  • World Wide Web, twenty four hours, workplace increases productivity, universal workplace entertainment, web capable laptops

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Technology and Productivity - information from someone all...

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