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104-MT Study Sheet - Social Capitol Developmental...

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PS 104 Midterm Study Guide F07 20-T/F 20-Multi-Choice 20-Short Answer Note: This list of terms is not exhaustive, and simply memorizing it does not equate to a high grade. There are other associated examples or ideas that may be important to fully understand and demonstrate your mastery over the course material thus far. In other words, you want to know how other concepts, some of which are not included here, are an important subset of these terms or may relate to or connect to a full understanding of the ideas behind each of them. That being said, this is a good primer to facilitate your studying. Best of luck as you finish preparing! Elite Theory: low participation, selfish, tell you how it is system Presidential System: Civic Virtue: Protective Democracy (MD):
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Unformatted text preview: Social Capitol: Developmental Democracy (JD): Libertarianism: Participatory Democracy: Ideology v. Interest: Adjudication: Conservative: Judicial Review: Liberal: Freedom From: Prisoner’s Dilemma: Freedom To: Tragedy of the Commons: Radical Individualism: “Rights Talk”: Judicialization: Judicial Activism: Marbury v. Madison: Bush v. Gore: Separation of Power: Judicial Restraint: Unitary Government (Parliament): Interpretivism: Electoral College Reforms: Warren Court: Roe v. Wade & U.S. v. Morrison: Non-interpretivism: Radical Individualism: Referendum: Pluralism: Initiative: Peak Oil: Rational Voter Theory: Suburbanization: Voter Turnout Rates: Lochner Era: Original Intent: Electoral College:...
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  • Fall '07
  • Parson
  • Separation of Powers, Supreme Court of the United States, radical individualism, F07 20-T/F 20-Multi-Choice, 20-Short Answer Note

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104-MT Study Sheet - Social Capitol Developmental...

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