FINAL EXAM - FINAL EXAM Brief Examples-AKA specific...

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FINAL EXAM Brief Examples -AKA specific instances -referred to in passing to illustrate a point EX: have you ever gotten knocked down for hard that you have trouble getting back up, such as first learning to ride a bike Extended Examples -AKA narratives, illustrations, or anecdotes -Longer and more detailed than brief examples -pull listeners into the speech EX: very drawn on lots of detail yeah Hypothetical Example -Brief or extended however usually brief -describes an imaginary situation -speaker creates a realistic scenario, relates it directly to listeners, and gets them involved in the speech -usually a good idea to follow it with statstics or testimony to show that the example is not unrealistic Tips for Using Examples -Clarify Ideas -unfamilar or complex -put abstract ideas into concrete examples that listeners can easily understand -Personalize ideas -people are interested in people
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-include examples that add human interest to your speech -the very life of the speech Tips for using Statistics -use sparingly -insert only when needed -make sure easy to grasp -don’t down audience, use only those that are MOST important -more does not mean more effective speech -identify source -stats are easy to manipulate, thus listeners WANT to know source Tips for statistics Contin. -Explain
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FINAL EXAM - FINAL EXAM Brief Examples-AKA specific...

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