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Shawn Pennington Discussion 5 4-2-8 Last discussion I seemed to see a focus on religion and foreign relations, in the books we have read for this time I still see some mention of both of these, but I’m drawn more to the idea of change, development, reform for a second time around and a new electorate government. In the first couple of pages we read in Arnstein’s book we are quickly introduced to this idea of change. Arnstein writes about the change Victoria was going through around the time of her husband Albert’s death, and her introduction and getting to know the new man in her life, John Brown. During this time it seemed as Victoria was having a very difficult time adjusting to this change. Many people often have difficulty dealing with change, especially when it deals with something they love dearly or something they feel strongly about, such as in the case of Victoria and her late husband. Before her husbands death Victoria participated in military reviews which consisted of such lavish and extravagant festivities that enlightened the eyes and made the hearts of her fellow country men joyous. After his death she sunk into a world far from that of the one she previously lived in. Brown wrote a letter that put it best when he wrote, “I felt sorry for
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disc 5 - Shawn Pennington Discussion 5 4-2-8 Last...

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