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Group 6 Genetics HW 5 Katie Linehan, Muting Lin, Laura Lombardini, Robert Maines 1. The real distance from the -35 promoter element to the transcription site is 36 base pairs. The real distance from the -10 promoter element to the start of the transcription site is 12 base pairs. 2. These distances make sense with the -35 and -10 designations because they are extremely close to the designation of these regions. The -35 promoter is 36 base pairs away and the -10 promoter is 12 base pairs away from the transcription start site. 3. The distance from the transcription start site to the first encoding base of the lac Z gene 38 base pairs. 4. Yes, the first start codon (AUG) does not appear until base pair 1284, which is after the transcription start site, so these bases before will not be translates into amino acids. This region most likely contains the Shine- Dalgarno sequence and the 5’-cap (5’-untranslated region).
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