hw11SLN - ECE 212 HW Set 11SOLUTIONS p 1 of 9 Homework Set...

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ECE 212 HW Set 11SOLUTIONS p 1 of 9 Homework Set 11 SOLUTIONS 1. Refer to the 6812 hardware reference document on the course web site [9S12DP256BDGV2.pdf in the 6812 Ref Data directory]. Make a list of the general-purpose on-chip peripherals that are available to the user. Identify any acronyms not written out. Solution: Taken directly from the reference document: • Two 8-channel Analog-to-Digital Converters – 10-bit resolution – External conversion trigger capability • Five 1M bit per second, CAN [Control Area Network] 2.0 A, B software compatible modules – Five receive and three transmit buffers – Flexible identifier filter programmable as 2 x 32 bit, 4 x 16 bit or 8 x 8 bit – Four separate interrupt channels for Rx, Tx, error and wake-up – Low-pass filter wake-up function – Loop-back for self test operation • Enhanced Capture Timer – 16-bit main counter with 7-bit prescaler – 8 programmable input capture or output compare channels – Two 8-bit or one 16-bit pulse accumulators • 8 PWM channels [ PWM = Pulse Width Modulation] – Programmable period and duty cycle – 8-bit 8-channel or 16-bit 4-channel – Separate control for each pulse width and duty cycle – Center-aligned or left-aligned outputs – Programmable clock select logic with a wide range of frequencies – Fast emergency shutdown input – Usable as interrupt inputs • Serial interfaces – Two asynchronous Serial Communications Interfaces (SCI) – Three Synchronous Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) • Byte Data Link Controller (BDLC) – SAE J1850 Class B Data Communications Network Interface Compatible and ISO Compatible for Low-Speed (<125 Kbps) Serial Data Communications in Automotive Applications • Inter-IC Bus (IIC) – Compatible with I2C Bus standard
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ECE 212 HW Set 11SOLUTIONS p 2 of 9 2. In the lab you will be using a Serial Communications Interface of the microcontroller. The interface
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hw11SLN - ECE 212 HW Set 11SOLUTIONS p 1 of 9 Homework Set...

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