food micro 3.12

food micro 3.12 - more pathogenic to different people...

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enterobacteriaceae -Gram - -cause infection -rod-shaped -fermenters Food-borne (all gram - ) -Salmonella -E.Coli -Shigella -Yersinia Other -Citrobacter -Klebsiella -Proteus -Enterobacter Salmonella -most prevalent cause of food borne illness -Gram negative rod -glucose fermentation (grows very well on sugars) -2400 serebars -Salmonella enterica enterica ___ (Genus, species, subspecies, serobars) Serobars: Typhimerium , Enteriditis, Newport, Typhi (causes typhoid fever) (Salmonella can be written as Salmonella Typhimerium) -can survive in low water activity (ex. 0.6) – found on dry pasta noodles and other dry products but we end up boiling many of these products -freezing: can survive freezing so found in frozen products -strain to strain differences in virulence (200 different virulence factors) – so can make it
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Unformatted text preview: more pathogenic to different people -infectious dose 20 100 cells /ml or g-uses Type III secretion system able to attach to epithelial lining of small intestine and into phagocytes Bad Bug Book (all the m/o we will be talking about) Foods associated with Salmonella-Eggs Salmonella Enteriditis -chicken-peanut butter due to condensation and sanitation-tomatoes-fruit cantaloupe salmonella on outside so when you slice it, it goes to the inside-red meat-dairy - pasteurized milk, ice cream-chocolate due to condensation and sanitation -almonds-unpasteurized orange juice Control -heat, pasteurization-minimize cross contamination -storage temperature control -good agriculture practices -...
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food micro 3.12 - more pathogenic to different people...

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