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Unformatted text preview: 3.11 -Know Mean Genes authors Aggression -the strongest produce the most offspring -Lorenz aggression is a physical necessity that builds up and is released over time by discharging through a fight -How does an individual defuse an aggressive challenge? Getting into a certain posture -there is an environmental aspect to road rage -social inertia cocks raised together and so they get along well with each other -Those that have thick walled veins or quick blood clotting times were more likely to survive a fight -male chimps will drum the ground and scream when trying to establish dominance -bull elephants have monumental conflicts over territory and mates (musth) -giraffes will neck-wrestle, push or butt to establish dominance (but fighting in uncommon) -dog fights are common sport in many countries -kangaroos are aggressive and effective fighters at mating time; punching matches -male ostriches defend their breeding territories by chasing away intruders and making aggressive displays -equids bite the neck or front legs of an opponent or do serious kicking ...
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