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Intro to Psych Seminar Due Date: Jan. 22, 2008 I found Chapter one to be very interesting. It gave an overview of several things that psychologists do and it showed a lot of different places psychologists work. It was fascinating to learn about the different areas of psychology (clinical, counseling, developmental, educational, etc…). Some of them I had not heard of like Neuropsychology, which I found very appealing, now I might consider going into that area of Psychology. Chapter one also clarified the difference between what a psychologist, psychiatrist, social worker and a counselor and what their job actually is. A psychiatrist being a medical doctor is able to prescribe medication and
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Unformatted text preview: they work with patients who have more serious psychological disorders. A social worker is someone who helps a community to use what they have available to help them with their problems. Counselors are more of someone you can talk to when you need help being motivated, or need ways on how to cope with addiction, mostly like school counselors. Psychologists also have to look at all the possibilities of harm or emotional risks in the research they are conducting. They have to consider more than just the outcome they are wanting they have to consider how it might affect their patient....
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