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Test01Stdy - Tough - AET 1380 Test #1 Review Sheet Tough...

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AET 1380 Test #1 Review Sheet – Tough Using class notes, handouts, and the reading in America on Record, you will be accountable for the following questions and terms. Test #1 is 50 scantron questions, multiple choice, T and F and matching. Please bring a pencil, I will provide the scantron. Please review the following. If you can answer all of these questions you will know 99% of the test! Emile Berliner improved Edison’s original phonograph both technologically and from a business standpoint, how? A soundwave is made up of a series of compression and rarefraction How do we measure amplitude of a sound wave? Frequency? dB, Hz The 1850’s-1890s were significant in recording history because… use as many names, dates, inventions as possible. How we perceive frequency is called … pitch The threshold of human hearing (in dB) is defined as? 130 dB The dynamic range of human hearing is? Bandwidth of human hearing? 0-130 dB 20hz-20khz Using technical language, how would you describe the “sound” of recordings made in the acoustic period? What is TTS? What is PTS? What are they caused by? Are there warning signs? Describe the difference between a large and small signal to noise ratio. What is the threshold of pain? Average conversation? A rock band in concert?
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This note was uploaded on 04/17/2008 for the course AET 1380 taught by Professor Tough during the Spring '08 term at Belmont.

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Test01Stdy - Tough - AET 1380 Test #1 Review Sheet Tough...

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