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Psych April 15

Psych April 15 - Psych Chapter 14 Health Psychology Stress...

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Psych April 15, 2008 Chapter 14: Health Psychology Stress, Coping Health Psychology: o Addresses factors that influence well-being and  illness, as well as measures that can be taken to  promote health and prevent illness o Study of social (Socioeconomic status SES), behavioral  (exercise, diet, drinking, smoking), cognitive  (seeking out correct information and learning from  it), and emotional (attitudes, beliefs) factors that  influence the: Promotion of health  Maintenance of health Development of illness and disease Course of illness or disease Patient’s response to illness and disease Leading Causes of Death: Diseases of the heart (tobacco, obesity, high BP,  cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle) Malignant Neoplasms (cancer) (tobacco, environmental  exposure) Cerebrovascular Disease (stroke) (tobacco,  cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle)
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