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Arthur Landmesser Michael Mendoza 4/5/2008 – ENLG 111 Augustine’s Confessions In the Confessions , Saint Augustine writes about his irksome spiritual journey to chastity . The reader meets many people along the way that have some how affected the quest, both positively and negatively . Augustine’s mother, Monica, has the most prominent role in guiding Augustine to a better way of life, and his appreciation shines through in the pages of the Confessions . Augustine completely adores his mother, to the point where one questions the validity of stories concerning her because of how ideal she is represented . Monica’s ambitious drive to save the soul of her son, who she loves more than anything is the solitary reason why Augustine eventually chose the path of Catholicism . Augustine had been exposed to Christianity since birth because his mother is a Catholic . But as he grew older and became aware of his sexuality, he followed a path leading to a sinful life, instead of embracing his religion . The struggle of being abstinent becomes the major problem with converting, and is the cause of most of his uncertainty . Monica advises him immediately when she first sees the ‘disease’ to live a life of chastity, but being a man, Augustine shoots down the feminine advice . Throughout the story, whenever he encounters his mother, Augustine writes about how she always cries and prays for him to start living a better life . She is the one who is constantly reminding him 1
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and pushing him to change his ways . He goes through a series of friends, most of which do not see any problems in his way of living or do not care enough to help
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Monica - 1 Arthur Landmesser Michael Mendoza 4/5/2008 ENLG...

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