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Arthur Landmesser History 101 - Section March 20, 2008 Economy has always played a sufficient role in a society . The two socio- economical systems in early Western European civilization included feudalism, which was a system in where serfs were at the lowest rank of the social ladder, followed by bustling market economies . Market economies were characterized by factory working at the height of the Industrial Revolution, where although the quality of living was improving, the quality if working was diminishing . Both serfs and factory workers did not have desirable life styles because of their lack of liberties . Although serfs had no freedom like leaving the manor, they had a better standard of living than factory workers because serfs had better hours of work, working conditions, and food . A social life did not exist for factory workers . Many of them worked all day, “from 5 in the morning till 9 at night . 1 This direct quote from a first hand account exemplifies the ridiculous hours these people, including women and children, had to work . Sometimes their jobs consisted of moving on their feet all day, and doing that while being extremely fatigued is extremely cruel . Also, most people lived more than two miles away, so time to be spent with family and friends were obviously non-existent . The serfs, on the other hand, did not have to deal with these types of hours and
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History paper - Arthur Landmesser History 101 - Section...

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