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Anthropology Notes

Anthropology Notes - Anthropology Notes Part 1 Indian Jones...

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Anthropology Notes Part 1 - Indian Jones Meets Reality (Week 1 Website) o Archaeology is a subdiscipline of anthropology The study of past ways of life Focus on the relationship between the material objects made by past peoples o Material Culture Used to: Help determine a sequence of events and dates Formulate a reconstruction of many ways of life Help to provide some understanding of why human culture has changed through time Artifacts- objects manufactured or modified by humans Features- objects that are either made or used by humans that are non- portable EX: houses, pits, hearths, irrigation canals o Attributes Help to classify or type artifacts and features They are the smallest unit of analysis It is a characteristic such as color or a measurement of length or width o Archaeological Sites Petra Sites- locations where people did something o Context It is the location of an artifact or feature in relationship with all other artifacts and features in three-dimensional space Basically it is the relationship of artifacts and features across space and over time Provenience - refers to the location of artifacts and features Reconstructing context Measure the provenience of things o Use: horizontal space, depth (vertical space), and time Stratigraphy - the control of vertical space o Study the natural position of strata to understand vertical relationships o Reconstructing the past
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Archaeological record forms as a process over time—reflects a process of change Artifacts and features simply accumulate over time Seriation - a relative dating method Archaeology is taking the information one can extract through many lines of inquiry and putting it together o An archaeological excavation proceeds from what the archaeologist can observe and testing outward to what is around that reference point o The main goal is of archaeological research is to find cause and effect explanations of human behavior over the centuries to help us understand the present - Introduction to Archaeological Methods o What is anthropology? People Society Behavior The past and contemporary Culture Ask the question “What does it mean to be human?” 3 sub-disciplines o Physical anthropologist Interested in human evolution What does it mean to be biologically and anatomically different from other animals? o Cultural anthropologists Interested in cultures, society, and behavior of people around the world (contemporary) o Archaeologists Interested in the past Material remains of cultures from the past o Archaeologists emphasize change through time Is there direction to change through time?
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Anthropology Notes - Anthropology Notes Part 1 Indian Jones...

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