Anthropology Notes- Part 2

Anthropology Notes- Part 2 - Anthropology Notes Part 2- The...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology Notes Part 2- The North Americans o North American PaleoIndian Pattern Mobile Big game hunters o North American Archaic Pattern Semi-sedentary Diverse foragers o North American Culture Areas Plains • Bison Hunters California and Great Basin • Foragers Plateau • Fisherman o Late Prehistory: the archaeological patterns The Southeast • Agriculture o Maize (imported from Mexico), sunflowers, goosefoot and marsh elder • Mound-building o Spiro Serpent Mound, OH o Watson Brake, LA o Poverty Point, LA o Moundville, AL • Exchange networks • Chiefdoms o Ascribed Status • Cahokia The Northeast • Agriculture o Fishing o Hunting o Gathering • Longhouses and Palisades • Achieved status leaders The Southwest • Agriculture and irrigation systems • Pit houses and pueblos • Mounds • Ball courts • Kivas • Social differentiation and hierarchical leadership The Northwest • Stored food surplus • Plank houses • Totem poles • Exchange networks • Potlatches • Chiefdom- Ancient Mesoamerica Part 1 o The Olmec Horizon Gulf Coast area Highlands 1150-600 BC Early Sedentary settlements Specific styles of monuments and art • Colossal heads • Large flat-topped mounds • Carved stone alters • Greenstone • Slant-eyed clay figurines • Were-jaguar o What does the Olmec Horizon mean?What does the Olmec Horizon mean?...
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Anthropology Notes- Part 2 - Anthropology Notes Part 2- The...

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