LIN HW #2 - m He believes that the teacher is coming 11 b...

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Craig Miller LIN 306 (42135) HW – Syntax and Semantics September 21, 2007 Chapter 3 Exercises 5. Part B d.) is e.) um f.) Add um to create a singular noun. g.) fund h.) baz Chapter 4 Exercises 2. Part A – She knows that he knows that you know that I hate war. Part B – This set of sentences reveals that there are an infinite amount of phrases and words that you can add to a sentence. Technically, a sentence can be infinitely long and only has to follow grammatical rules to be correct. Part C – Although the English language has the ability to make infinitely long sentences, they are impossible to follow along with and comprehend. If a sentence is a page long, nobody would be able to understand what was written and it would be pointless to read. Linguistic competence and performance would both be compromised if sentences never ended. 6. d.) That Guinevere loves Lorian is known to all my friends . g.) The woman likes for the waiter to bring water when she sits down . i.) The idea of Romeo marrying a 13-year-old is upsetting
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Unformatted text preview: . m.) He believes that the teacher is coming . 11. b.) not constituents – VP c.) constituent – VP d.) constituent – PP 15. b.) s – forces ed – forced ing – forcing en – enforce c.) ed – tried ing – trying s – tries e.) s – says id – said ing – saying 16. When does the concert start? From The concert starts when? What could be happening tonight? From Tonight happens what? Which does this sound like? From This sounds like which? 18. a.) Three differences are (1) French has a different order, (2) plural intelligent takes an s, and (3) to make man plural they just add s instead of changing the spelling. b.) Three differences are (1) Japanese has a different order, (2) subject markers identify nouns, and (3) object markers identify verbs. Chapter 5 Exercises 5. Part B k.) The police begin the campaign to run down jaywalkers. l.) The drunk gets nine months in the pen in violin case. m.) Farmer Bill dies in a house....
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LIN HW #2 - m He believes that the teacher is coming 11 b...

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