Chapter 4 Notes

Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4 Notes Laws Of Motion o Isaac...

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Chapter 4 Notes - Laws Of Motion o Isaac Newton (1642-1727) Basic concepts and laws of mechanics Universal law of gravitation Invented calculus (with Liebniz) Behavior of light Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematics published 1687 If I have seen farther than other man, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants .” ~ Isaac Newton o Newton’s First Law Inertial frame of reference A frame of reference where acceleration is zero when there are no net forces Any frame of reference moving with a constant velocity is relative to an inertial frame of references is an inertial frame of reference Law of Inertia (1 st law) In the absence of external forces, when viewed from an inertial reference frame, an object at rest reminds at rest and an object in motion continues in motion with a constant velocity Seat belts—Newton’s first law at work Forces act to decelerated the car, but the pendulum doesn’t feel these forces and continues forward, engaging the locking mechanism - Forces o Why does an objects velocity change? Forces on an object changes its velocity Causes acceleration o No net force (sum of all forces acting) No acceleration It stays still or keeps moving at constant velocity Equilibrium Net force is 0 o Types Contact forces Involve physical contact between two objects Field forces Forces act at a distance
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No physical contact required Four fundamental forces ( all field forces ) o Gravitational force o Electromagnetic force o Nuclear force o Weak force o Forces are vectors—they add like vectors Vector sum of all forces = net force ( resultant force) If net force is zero, the acceleration is 0 - Mass
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Chapter 4 Notes - Chapter 4 Notes Laws Of Motion o Isaac...

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