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Alma 40:2 – Christ’s First Resurrection. 40:5 – The Resurrection Timeline Alma 40:23 Definition of a resurrected body. - Perfected Body is reunited with the spirit, never to be separated again - The LDS view of the resurrection differs from all other religions, we believe that we get a PHYSICAL body back, they only believe in the resurrection of the spiritual body. Alma 41:2 – You are judged by your works AND desires.
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Unformatted text preview: Alma 46:8-9 – Seek for the best gifts of the H.G. – given to those that keep his commandments. How Atonement Works:-There are laws laid down in heaven (commandments)-All of us break these laws-God must punish us or he would cease to be God-This is why we feel remorse when we sin-Luckily, repentance allows Christ to step between us and the law and show mercy towards us....
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