papeiraq - Rebuild in Iraq 1"A true warrior knows that the...

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“A true warrior knows that the best war is the one which is never fought.” I do not know who these words belong to but I fully agree with this idea. However, the US government has a different opinion. For U.S., the best war is a successful war and it should have economic results. In other words, if today's opponent becomes your customer tomorrow, you are successful. It is not surprising, that America, the strongest imperialist country, had attacked Iraq purposely and planned to take the lion’s share from reconstruction of Iraq after the war. US’s strategy manifested itself when companies based only inside the United States were awarded contracts to rebuild Iraq without open and transparent bidding processes. It is clear, that U.S. has started the war to benefit from it. On this account, Halliburton Company and Bechtel Group Incorporated which have connections with U.S. administration were chosen. The reason of the invasion of Iraq was as senseless as its results. Even though Iraq’s administration refused the claims about the possession of the weapons of the mass destruction and links to Al-Qaida, the Bush administration insisted that Iraq constituted danger to whole world. It put forward the idea that in order to provide “the absolute peace”, Iraq has to be taken under control. However, Iraq did not own weapons of mass destruction. Since not having any air force or capacity to fight, Iraq could not threaten America. Knowing that, U.S. invaded Iraq, the country which owns some of the largest untapped oil reserves in the world . Why? What was the factor made U.S attack a country without having a proper reason? Of course, money. To create profit for Halliburton and Bechtel by grabbing the oil fields and presenting that as a heroic action was America’s secret aim. If America really wanted to change Iraq’s regime, just because it would be more useful for Iraq and the whole world, the demand of help and participation of the United States or some other countries like Russia and Jordan would not be rejected. If their support is accepted, these countries are going to get the chance of sharing the profit. Hence, America does not want to be disturbed by them. 1
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Rebuild in Iraq After the hot war was over, U.S. has begun to calculate the total cost of the rebuilding After that, the Senate charged Iraqi people the half of the cost of reconstruction as if it was not started the war and caused the destruction. There is no way for Iraqi people to pay $ 10 billion back. By selling contracts to companies that are going to rebuild Iraq, the Iraqi people could not make money because this process was under the control of U.S. (Chowdhury, 2003).
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papeiraq - Rebuild in Iraq 1"A true warrior knows that the...

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