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Unformatted text preview: BIOBM 331 FALL 2006 PRINCIPLES OF BIOCHEMISTRY: PROTEINS AND METABOLISM Faculty: Prof. Gerald Feigenson 201 Biotech Bldg. gwf3 Grad TAs: Soumya De 241 Biotech Bldg. sd272 Danielle Kalkofen 357 Biotech Bldg. dnk9 Joy Lin Vet Med Cntr C3-144 mjl65 Steven Petesch 417 Biotech Bldg. sjp54 Debjeet Sen 441 Biotech Bldg. ds385 RasMol TAs: Winnie Tsao wt58 Lecture review: Dmitry Klyuy dk269 Text: (required ): Lehninger: Principles of Biochemistry, Nelson & Cox, 4th Edition (required ): Lecture Guide (course packet) from Kraftees in Collegetown, 207 Dryden Road (required ): RasMol and movie CD-ROM (in course packet) Reserve: Phys. Sci. Library and BioCenter Res. Desk, 216 Stimson: At Reserve Desk, pick up Mann Lib. 2-hr: TEXT old quizzes/exams; 9AM - 5PM Mon-Th; 9 - 4:30 Fri Assigned problems: Problems are assigned from the text (brief answers at the end of the text) and Lecture Guide (see last part of LG; brief answers at back of LG). We will not collect or grade the problems, but similar ones will appear on quizzes and exams. Assignments will generally be given at the start of the Monday lecture. Molecular graphics: For most weeks, there will be a molecular graphics assignment using the freeware RasMol. This activity will be discussed in class. Office hours/review sessions: Sundays 1:00 – 3:00PM in Carpenter Hall 2nd floor ORANGE COMPUTER LAB Tuesdays 4:30 – 5:30PM in G01 Biotech Bldg. (Prof’s review session) ORGANIC CHEM: NOT HAD IT YET?! MEET BRIEFLY AFTER THIS CLASS Exams: (a) There will be a weekly quiz every Wed (starting 9/6/06) in class, 15 min. long. The quiz will cover the preceding MWF lectures and associated problems. At the end of each Mon lecture, there will be brief discussion of material to be covered on the quiz; (b) Midterm exam is scheduled for Thursday, 10/19 from 7:30 - 10:00 PM; (c) Comprehensive final exam, Thursday, 12/7 from 7 - 9:30PM. Mark these dates on your calendar now ! Lecture notes: http://www.blackboard.cornell.edu/ (lower case) Go this this URL and login. Answer keys to quizzes and to the midterm exam will also be placed at this location, as well as quizzes and exams from last year. Any course announcements will be made at the start of a lecture: Check this site if you arrive late to class!...
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