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bio112 chapter one notes - For two billion years, just...

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CHAPTER 1: STUDYING LIFE 1.1 Biology: scientific study of living things Cell theory: o Cells are basic structural and physiological units of all living organisms o Cells are both distinct entities and building blocks o All cells come from preexisting cells o All cells are similar in chemical composition  o Most chemical reactions of life occur within cells o Complete sets of genetic information replicated and passed on during cell division Evolution by natural selection o Species: group of organisms that look alike and can reproduce together Genome: sum total of all the DNA molecules in the cell Altered nucleotide sequence = altered protein Organisms control internal environment and interact with one another 1.2 Greater the differences between genomes, more distant the common ancestor Earth approximately five billion years old Biological molecules created from random chemical interactions
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Unformatted text preview: For two billion years, just prokaryotic cells living in oceans only 2.5 billion years ago, photosynthesis developed; photosynthetic organisms released O 2 , which built up in atmosphere Speciation: members of population isolated from each other become differentiated Three domains: Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya Archaea and Bacteria are prokaryotes; Eukarya are eukaryotes Eukarya includes plants, animals, and fungi 1.3 Scientific method: o Observations o Questions o Hypothesis o Predications o Testing Inductive logic: creates hypothesis; compile known facts Deductive logic: makes predictions Comparative experiment: test predicted difference between samples Controlled experiment: test a variable manipulate experimental group 1.4 Deciphering of genomes will help control human diseases and agricultural productivity...
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bio112 chapter one notes - For two billion years, just...

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