chem 132 lab 3

chem 132 lab 3 - CHM 132L Iron Oxalato Complex Salt...

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CHM 132L Iron Oxalato Complex Salt Experiments Introduction: The purpose of experiment 1 was to synthesize a compound containing the elements potassium, iron, carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, and to determine the percent yield of the reaction. The crystal obtained was purified using a vacuum filtration system. Later, in experiment 3, we determined the percent iron the compound created earlier. We found the percent composition of iron in the sample by using spectrophotometry. Although the iron ion in our dissolved compound is not very strongly colored, we were able to carry out spectrophotometry successfully by reacting the iron ion with 1,10- o - phenanthroline to create a bright orange color. Data and Observations: Experiment 1— 12.19 g K 2 C 2 O 4 -H 2 O Heated solution was clear. After being added to FeCl 3 , it turned plum/brown briefly and then emerald green. As time progressed, the mother liquor turned from emerald to spring (lighter) green. Once the liquid is decanted, it is very light yellow- green. There were approximately 2 cm of emerald green crystals on the bottom of the beaker. 6.67 g crystal sample
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chem 132 lab 3 - CHM 132L Iron Oxalato Complex Salt...

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