Lecture Jan 17 - Fruits and Nuts A fruit is a mature ovary...

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Fruits and Nuts A fruit is a mature ovary which usually contains seeds. Fruit structure Ovary sometimes from 1 carpel, sometimes several fused together Locule =chamber in the fruit containing seeds Pericarp = the outer wall of the fruit Fruit classification Simple fruit are derived from one carpel o Can be fleshy or dry o It dry, they can be dehiscent—open up when they are dry such as a bean pod—or indehiscent—do not open up such as a sunflower seed Tomato Bean Sunflower Aggregate fruit are derived from many carpels in one flower but only produce one fruit. o Strawberry o Raspberry o Blackberry Multiple fruit are derived from an inflorescence. o Pineapple Stalk covered with flowers with carpels, they develop a fruit together which forms a pineapple o Fig Flowers on the inside of the fruit Wasp pollinates the fig Crawls into the fig and lays eggs
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o Male eggs hatch and impregnate the female eggs They hatch and leave the fruit and look for another fig to pollinate thus pollinating another fig Temperate fruits are from area with cold winters. Apples o Fruit type is the pome which is an extra fleshy tissue around the fruit. o Most important temperate fruit crop o Native to Asia and cultivated in Europe o Usually reproduced by grafting o Today there are more than 7500 varieties of apple o Pears are close relatives Stone fruits o Fruit type is drupe which is an inner layer of Pericarp ( pit ) is hard to protect seed o Propagated by grafting o Native to Asia, important European crop Plums Center of origin is central or western China o There are native species of plum in North and South America Important European crop
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Lecture Jan 17 - Fruits and Nuts A fruit is a mature ovary...

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