Matt K and O Business Plan

Matt K and O Business Plan - Matt Overman and Matt Korsmo...

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Unformatted text preview: Matt Overman and Matt Korsmo Intro to Business November 7, 2007 The name of our business is Matts K.O. Our business provides a service to the community by serving quality food to our customers. Our objective, besides making a profit, is to provide our customers with quality food at a low or at least competitive price. Our role in the community is to provide food for any community gatherings, parties, celebrations, and also to provide a unique dining atmosphere. Our business does have a community and social responsibility. That is to provide the best quality food at the lowest price we can afford. The owners of Matts K.O. are Matt Korsmo and Matt Overman. The location of our business is in Stillwater, Oklahoma at the intersection of Duck St. and University St. We will not use our own houses. Also we will not have to lease a warehouse or buy one. We will need to build a facility that is 3,500 square feet. Some strengths that the two of us feel we share are, that we are driven and are goal oriented when it comes to this business. The weakness between us is that we like to give any food and other products for free to friends and family and that we can both be a little short sighted at times. The talents that we bring into this business are that we both have business experience and intelligence. We both are currently going to college for our business degrees....
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Matt K and O Business Plan - Matt Overman and Matt Korsmo...

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