Pauls Case - Matthew Weaver Paul's World Inside The short...

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Matthew Weaver Paul’s World Inside The short story, “Paul’s Case”, was written by Willa Cather who was born in 1873 and died in 1947. Cather wrote a collection of both short stories and novel. Cather uses symbolism to give more meaning to little things in her works. Her first book was, “April Twilights”, a collection of poetry published in 1903. Two years later Cather released “Paul’s Case”, “a story about a sensitive boy who hungers for art and feels oppressed by everyday life” (196). “Paul’s Case” is set in the city of Pittsburgh, the year 1905. Pittsburgh, in 1905, was still a dirty, hardnosed city just like today. In the duration of the story we realize that Pittsburgh is not the place for a boy like Paul. Paul is looking for a place to call home and his journey of finding his place in the world could be his final journey in life. The main character in “Paul’s Case” is Paul. Paul is a misunderstood high school kid who is only looking to find his place. Paul is the protagonist of the story, even though everyone looks at him as being a defiant trouble maker. The antagonist of this story is everyone who doesn’t understand Paul. No one understands Paul, Paul is an artistic kid who was born in Colorado. Paul’s mother who died of an illness, which is assumed, she got from living in
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Pauls Case - Matthew Weaver Paul's World Inside The short...

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