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R2320 Monnier / Bass / Flanigan / Scribner WS07 Microtheme 2: Mikhalkov’s Burnt by the Sun , or Who Is To Blame? Background In the West, the 1994 Burnt by the Sun met with nearly universal praise as one of the best and most powerful films to come out of post-Soviet Russia. Its reception in Russia, however, was more mixed. Some Russian viewers were disturbed by director-actor Nikita Mikhalkov’s sympathetic portrayal of the film’s central figure, Red Army Colonel Sergei Kotov—a portrayal which seemed to suggest that Stalin and Stalin alone had been responsible for the ultimate failure of the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and Soviet Communism in general. As such, the film fed an already long-standing debate about “who was to blame” for the country’s disastrous Communist experiment: was Communism doomed from the beginning, or was it perverted by Stalin? Assignment As a brilliant Russian 2320 student, you’ve been asked to write a 3-4-page review of the film Burnt by the Sun for an upcoming MU film festival of early post-Soviet films. Your review needs to accomplish three things: 1) Provide a synopsis
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microtheme_2 - R2320 WS07 Monnier / Bass / Flanigan /...

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