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Final Exam Essay Question DSoc 1101, Fall, 2009 This question has two parts, and is based on the study findings reported by Lantz et al. (1998) that suggests there is a relationship between human mortality and social processes. This empirical relationship can be characterized in various ways. 1) Compare and contrast and the individualist paradigm (e.g., Adam Smith, Robert Frank) to the social paradigm (e.g., Perrucci & Wysong, C. Wright Mills, Karl Marx). Be sure to compare how the theories conceptualize the individual, society, and the relationship between these two; 2) describe how these two theories explain or characterize the empirical relationship found by Lantz et al. (1989). In your answer, first describe the finding, and then discuss how the two theories relate to the finding.
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Unformatted text preview: The essay should be three pages, double-spaced, and typed. Place the references on page four; naming no less than three course readings (in addition, other references may be used). A one page outline of this essay is due to your Teaching Assistant (TA) prior to Thanksgiving Day. This outline can be emailed to your TA, and specific arrangements for this will be finalized during your discussion meeting the week of November 17 to 21. Please do not fail to fulfill this task because it counts as part of your overall discussion grade. The final essay is due the week of December 1 – 5, and should be turned in to your Teaching Assistant that week during discussion....
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