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King Corn Comments: Jackson Wang As an explanation on how corn production has an increasing effect on American society, King Corn shows how the industrialization of corn has overpowered the market, and thus eliminated smaller farms across the country. The movie also was shocking, as it portrayed the production of high fructose corn syrup as capitalistic while being a danger to our health. For example , the use of high fructose syrup has increased 1000% since 1973! Much of this is attributed to the intentional overproduction of corn. In terms of similarity to Dsoc101, I feel like King Corn portrays the idea of class and capitalism very well. Because our country is capitalistic in nature, decisions are made that yield the most revenue, regardless of the social or health implications. For example, cheap corn is used to feed cattle in bulk, which causes the meat to become increasingly fatty. Humans eventually eat this meat, usually in fast food joints, and
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Unformatted text preview: become unhealthy. As the movie indicated, 93 million acres of farmland were set aside to growing cheap corn, whereas only 2 million were used to plant vegetables. Instead of planting vegetables to make the population healthy, corn is planted in its place because it can make much more money- eg, ethanol for cars, food for cattle, corn syrup, fast food etc. Also the effects of corn syrup was portrayed in the taxi driver’s interview, where he would drink more than 2 liters of soda per day. The health effects related to this consumption are staggering and plausible because of the known effect of sugar/lack of exercise and diabetes. It is ironic how water can be more expensive than a can of coke, which makes one think about how the upper class could afford healthier foods because healthy food is becoming more and more expensive....
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