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second film analysis - Katrina McGillis Film Analysis paper...

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Katrina McGillis Film Analysis paper March 26 th , 2008 Cleanliness, the loudspeaker resting on the roof of the Mosque declared, was missing from the streets of Bab el-Oued. Islam was supposed be the key to rid Bab el- Oued of the ‘filth’ that roamed the streets. However, certain Islamic Fundamentalists twisted the views of Islam to fit their needs and justify their crusades. Their methods often included violence and scare tactics; both of which are advocated against by the Imam. Compared to the courageousness and spirit found in The Battle of Algiers , the film Bab El-Oued City , illustrated a people broken and divided. The strength and independence of Algerian women, as well as the morality of various groups of Algerian men, is challenged. Bab El-Oued City sheds light on the darkness and corruption that appeared to be settling over Algeria. The degradation of various aspects within Algerian society illustrated by this film would most likely adhere to Albert Memmi’s belief that violence begets violence and leads to the deterioration of people. Poverty, corruption, and anger resonate from the Algerian people of this film. The regression viewed here is presumably the product of the violent riots of October 1988 in which ideas of socialism were rejected and the Front Islamic du Salut (FIS, fundamental Islamism) came to new
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second film analysis - Katrina McGillis Film Analysis paper...

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