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John Wade Mrs. Pamela Horn ENGL 2210 8-2-07 Response to Question Number 3 European imperialism is a theme that is palpable throughout Marlow’s novel, Heart of Darkness. Imperialism is characterized by the practice of extending a nation’s power, culture, or authority to another nation, or in the case of this novel, a continent. In Heart of Darkness, the king of Belgium, King Leopold, commissions, the ivory trade in Africa, along the Congo River. King Leopold’s order to start the ivory trade leads to the transplant of Europeans in an “inferior” and alien land. These settlers begin to assert European culture and their personal agenda’s upon the African people who they see as a lesser, second-rate group of people. Never is this fact more apparent than when the
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Unformatted text preview: natives attack Marlow’s steamboat as it is traveling the inner station to meet Kurtz. These natives are the product of imperialism. They are so enchanted with Kurtz, that they never realize that he has the ability to control them to do his bidding. Kurtz’s followers are so captivated by him that in order for him to leave them, he is forced to sneak out of the inner station under the cover of darkness, knowing that his health is deteriorating with every step he takes. Though imperialism is generally viewed as a positive move by the more powerful country, this is one of the negative effects that it can have. The people who you choose to extend your culture to, may not wish to part with those who helped bring it to them....
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