Treaties and Leagues

Treaties and Leagues - → Became to be dominated by Athens...

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Study Guide: Treaties and Leagues- Ancient Greece → Peloponnesian League → Imposed treaties by Sparta on the conquered areas of the Peloponnesus → Allies → protected by best army in Greek world → Did not have to pay tribute/ taxes to Sparta → Did owe troops if went to war → Sparta made sure an oligarchy ruled city states → Hellenic League All Greeks to band together against the Persians 481 BC Spartans provided command All Greeks should stop fighting each other After the War Greeks wanted to continue the Hellenic League to free Ionia from Persian rule but Sparta withdrew (so did her allies) Delian League 477 BC New alliance between the rest of the Greeks Purpose still to free Ionia Commanders provided by Athens All agreed to provide money or ships to goal None would leave unless everyone agreed
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Unformatted text preview: → Became to be dominated by Athens → When Ionia came out from Persian rule went under Athenian → Members of Delian League turn into part of the Athenian Empire → Persian Treaty → 448 BC → Ionia freed from Persian rule → All members of Delian League who tried to withdraw attacked by Athens → Spartan Treaty → 445 BC → Between Sparta and Athens to acknowledge each others empires → King’s Peace Treaty → Corinthian War → Implemented by a Persian King → 387 BC → Stops the war (Greeks against Sparta) → Boeotian League → Thebes → 370s BC → Epaminondas created the league → Sparta refuses to recognize them as a new power which leads to another war in which Sparta is practically destroyed...
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Treaties and Leagues - → Became to be dominated by Athens...

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