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REL 131: Religion in America Dr. M. Finch FIELD EXPERIENCE GUIDELINES An important way to learn about religion in the United States is to attend religious events (e.g., a Christian Sunday morning worship service, a Jewish Friday evening Shabbat service, a Hindu temple puja, Islamic Friday afternoon prayers, a Buddhist meditation meeting) and observe how people engage their religious meanings through particular activities. During this assignment, you will be a field researcher, investigating what Americans do in organized religious settings. You will also be observing your own experiences of and reactions to the events and, more importantly, thinking about what the events tell you about these particular organizations and their members. Assignment : You will attend and observe two different religious events throughout the semester and write a 2- to 3-page essay about each one. Choosing the religious events to attend : See “Religious Organizations in Springfield and Environs,” attached. You may attend on your own or with a friend. One or both of your field experiences may be done outside of Springfield (but within the United States). The adventurous will visit two religious groups that are completely new to you and represent two completely different religious traditions (e.g., Jewish and Buddhist). But you may attend your own place of worship as one field experience, if you prefer. The other event should be quite different from your own religious “home.” For example, if you choose to attend your own church and another Christian church, and your home church is conservative mainline Protestant (let’s say, Southern Baptist), your other field experience should be chosen from one of the following groups: a liberal mainline Protestant church, a Pentecostal/charismatic church, a Catholic or Eastern Orthodox church, an African American church, a non-English-speaking church, or an “alternative” Christian church. It is highly recommended that at least one of your visits be to a religious event that is less “mainstream” here in southwest Missouri: an African American church, an Eastern Orthodox church, a non-English-speaking church, an “alternative” Christian service, or a non-Christian religious meeting or ceremony. To encourage you to be adventurous, 5 points extra credit will be awarded for attendance at one of these. NOTE: You will not receive extra credit for the second field experience if it is at the same kind of religious event as the first one (e.g., if you attend two different Jewish events or two different African American churches). You may attend one campus-affiliated ministry (e.g., Catholic Campus Ministries, Chi Alpha, or the Springfield Buddhist Sangha). The other event should be off-campus. Before attending the event
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Field[1].Experience.Guidelines - REL 131: Religion in...

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