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The Republic Study Guide Book VI Discussion Questions 1. In summarizing why the philosophers should be leaders at the beginning of Book VI, Socrates claims that they “know what each thing is” as well as “something of the being that is always.” Why is this knowledge important for a leader? (484d and 485b) 2. What are the four virtues of the philosopher? Why are these virtues important? 3. Adeimantus argues that in theory it might make sense to have philosophers leading the city, but in reality most philosophers are a bit odd or even vicious, and certainly useless. Socrates defends philosophers in his simile of the ship of state (488a-489a). Explain this simile. 4. In the next several pages Socrates tries to account for the poor reputation of philosophy. What are some of the reasons he gives? 5. Why do those who are best suited to philosophy often abandon it? 6. What is the first step in implementing the “divine pattern” for a city? (501a) Is this practical? 7. Socrates returns to a discussion of the education and character of the guardians and distills his vision of education to “the greatest study,” which he calls “the idea of the good” (505a). Is he able to say precisely what the good is? How does he go about discussing it? In what way is the good a facilitator? Explain the simile of the
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RepublicStudyGuideVI - The Republic Study Guide Book VI...

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