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Journal on the gulf stream

Journal on the gulf stream - Maggie Morris Dr Cummings...

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Maggie Morris Dr. Cummings FYS .004 30 August 2007 Journal on Winslow Homer’s “Gulf Stream” 1. Who is the author and what perspectives are they writing from? The painter of this painting is Winslow Homer. Homer lived in the mid 1800’s to early 1900”s in America and was known for his landscape paintings and prints. He was most famous for his marine subjects. In 1859 he moved from his hometown of Boston, Massachusetts to New York City where he opened his own studio. During the civil war, Harper’s Weekly magazine sent him to sketch camp life and the battles for their magazine. This particular painting was done in 1899 and is an oil on canvas and hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 2. What are the major themes of this work? One of the themes of this painting is death. The man in this painting seems to look content with the thought of his looming death he looks as thought he has lost hope because he is surrounded by sharks that seem to just be waiting for him to fall into the water.
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  • Fall '08
  • Cummings
  • English-language films, Thought, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Watercolor painting, Harper's Weekly, Winslow Homer

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