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Mike Rosenbloom AUCW 180 MW 2:55-4:10 Odyssey Study Questions 13-24 1. Odysseus’ arrival on Ithaca is basically another example of his cunning. He already knows what is going on with the suitors, and is looking for a plan to get rid of them. He stays in the hut of Eumaeus, until Telemachus comes there. At the time, he is dressed as an old man, but once Telemachus and him are alone, Athena calls him outside. She changes Odysseus back into himself, and he walks back into the hut. Telemachus is shocked at first, but he then realizes who it is and cries in Odysseus’ arms. Once they are okay, they come up with a plan on how to get rid of the suitors, which start with Odysseus’ disguising himself as a beggar to get into the palace, and eventually kill all the suitors. 2. The role of the swineherd is to offer Odysseus advice and guide him to find a way to defeat the suitors. He specifically warns Odysseus to not get involved with the suitors because they are a bad group of people. The role of goddess is to help
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