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philo journal 2 - person can achieve happiness for a short...

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(1) to explain what you think this definition means to Aristotle. Ask yourself, why might a reasonable person define happiness in this way? What could he possibly have in mind? Then (2) compare and contrast Aristotle's conception of happiness with contemporary ideas about happiness. For example, how do you think of happiness? What are some common conceptions of happiness in our society today? Personally, I think the definition means to him exactly what he says on page 332. He says “There is another condition of happiness; it cannot be achieved in less than a complete lifetime”. I think he says it all right there and I agree with him. A reasonable person who defines happiness in this way because a reasonable person has thought it through, and knows the world is bigger than just any single event. They know that even though a
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Unformatted text preview: person can achieve happiness for a short period of time from something good happening, that doesn’t mean that they are actually happy. The contemporary idea of happiness is so much different from what it was back then. People now feel happiness from material possessions, such as a lot of shoes or clothes, or a new car. I don’t think most people in the world realize happiness is not achieved until you are dead, and can reflect back on your entire life. Sure, a new car might bring you happiness for a short amount of time, but if you look at what your life is, being completely alone might still lead to misery or depression. I think of happiness in the more mature way. Yes, I will get happy if I buy something new, or if my favorite sports team happens to win, but I also know in the back of my mind that I am not truly happy....
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