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Tourism in Gburg

Tourism in Gburg - Jeremy Knighton MGT 406 Professor...

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Jeremy Knighton MGT 406 Professor Gilbert February 2008 Tourism in Gettysburg In Adams County Pennsylvania, tourism is the dominant industry. This fact is not difficult to believe due to the fact that Gettysburg alone brings in over $300 million of tourism revenue a year according to the Gettysburg Convention and Tourism Bureau. Already this year Gettysburg has been named as one of the “top 15 places every kid should visit” by Budget Travel Magazine and ranked 29 th in the “Top 50 Motorcoach Destinations” by National Motorcoach Network (Gettysburg Convention and Tourism Bureau). As Gettysburg continues to achieve higher levels of notability, tourism and the economy will hopefully continue to grow. However, advertising is merely half the battle and it is up to the citizens of Gettysburg and the surrounding areas to work together to ensure that the tourism that results is taken advantage of and continues to grow and remain one of Adams County’s highest grossing industries. I have read that Gettysburg residents expect one another to allocate necessary resources towards tourists and local tourism without sacrificing morals . Since tourism is the staple of the Gettysburg economy, it is important that the residents on the town reinvest in the industry that supports their businesses and lifestyles. With that in mind there have been a few undertakings in recent years to help boost the local tourist attractions. According the Erin James, there is a fundraising process taking place to raise $125 million dollars for the new Gettysburg National Military Park Visitor Center and Museum. As of February 22 they are $20 million dollars short of reaching their goal but still plan to meet their anticipated date of opening in April of this year. Although much of
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the contributed funds are donated by large corporations and foundations, there are many individual investors who have contributed to the cause. The new center will offer new interactive exhibits as well as some of the old popular attractions like the Cyclorama that has become so well known (James, 2/22/08). These individual investments come at a hard time for Gettysburg residents as property taxes have been raised due to poor fiscal performance in 2007. Nevertheless, the importance of reinvesting in local tourism can not be understated and its importance to local finances. This reliance on visitors is has notably been taken to heart and can be noticed by the fact that the entire fundraising process is being handled by a local organization. The Gettysburg Foundation is a private NPO that has worked very closely with the National Parks Service in an effort to promote interest in the historical events that took place in Gettysburg by offering exhibits and attractions that are both educational and exciting. In fact, part of their mission statement is to “Enlighten and encourage people of all ages to understand and support the importance of preserving and interpreting America’s historic sites and their collections” (Gettysburg Foundation). This
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Tourism in Gburg - Jeremy Knighton MGT 406 Professor...

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