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Mike Rosenbloom ENG 140 Professor Blackwell 11-8-07 One awful thing that damages the society is drugs. This theme is found during the whole book, especially in chapters 5 and 6. One of the most popular drugs at that time, LSD, was a particular type of hallucinogen known for inducing wild hallucinatory visions. Many people that surround Oedipa use drugs, one of them, Dr.Hilarius, even lost his mind and tried killing her. Perhaps, sometimes craziness is just the way to escape the reality, hopelessness of vicious society that seems to suppress your personality. Because of the drugs reality and imagined things are mixed. People lose control over their own
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Unformatted text preview: lives and help themselves to ruin their inner world, values and dreams. The final part of chapter five shows the separation of Oedipa from the surrounding world, even from her own husband who became a victim of LSD. I feel like Oedipas life is kind of a representation of the drugs referenced in the book. The journey gave her a temporary high, but in the end she ended up being just as miserable as she was before, kind of like the effects that LSD or pot or anything else would have on the body. In the end, she was ended up completely alone, with her husband becoming addicted to LSD and her psychologist going crazy....
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