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journal #4

journal #4 - the sonnet is just a creative way of him...

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I read the sonnet Sonnet , mostly because the name caught me off guard. After reading it, I kind of understood exactly why he named it the way he did. The sonnet pretty much says in my head that even though he is writing this sonnet, it won’t help him in his love life. He is obviously in love with a woman, and from the sounds of it, it isn’t going very well. The name goes back to that, because even though he is a writing a sonnet, he knows it won’t help him. The name is symbolic of that because it shows his complete lack of care to think of a creative title to help win this woman. I feel like the sonnet is almost him giving up, because during the entire thing he is counting down the lines until he is finished and can go to sleep. It seems like he just doesn’t care anymore. He has dreams about what he hopes will happen with this woman, but I think he knows in the back of his mind that it’s pretty much hopeless, and I feel like
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Unformatted text preview: the sonnet is just a creative way of him having this realization. I noticed also that the sonnet did not have any end rhyme at all. In lines 6 & 7, he says “and insist the iambic bongos must be played, and rhymes positioned at the ends of lines”. This was curious to me, because those two lines are going back to the poem saying “this is how you win a woman” yet he did not but any rhyme in there. That goes back to the whole fact that he is giving up. It says rhyming a sonnet is a good way to get a girl you love to live you, yet he doesn’t do it. All in all, I feel this poem is just a way of helping the writer to forget about a girl he is in love with. I feel like this is his last hoorah, but in the back of his mind, he knows he has no chance anymore....
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