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Mike Rosenbloom Communication Theory Professor Siegel 2-9-07 1. The moon, which is the big object we see up in the sky at night for much of the month, is approximately 230,000 miles away from the Earth. -0- I have never been to the moon, and looking on different sources online, different estimates came up on each one. I can’t really rely on any source I find online anyway. It’s not like any one of those people making those estimates took measuring tape to the moon and calculated the exact distance between the Earth and the moon. Any number we find will just be an educated guess, and I don’t have the experience or the knowledge to be able to truth those numbers. 2 In Thailand, most of the people use chopsticks to eat. -0- Before reading this “fact”, I didn’t even know that this could possibly be true. To be honest, I don’t even know where Thailand is, or what they eat. This is a zero because obviously, I have no experience to know if people there use chopsticks or not. I looked it up online, and found contradicting sources. I actually found a blog from someone who went to Thailand that says “in Thailand, people do not eat rice with chopsticks!!! They eat it with their hands (if it's sticky rice), or with spoons (if it's regular white rice). NO CHOPSTICKS. Chopsticks are used only for noodle dishes -- primarily soups -- and Chinese food. Not with Thai rice dishes. If you used chopsticks to eat rice in Thailand, people would think you were very strange.” ( ) I have no idea if that’s true, but that’s where the zero comes from. 3. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon, in 1969. -4- I am fairly sure of this since I’ve been taught that was true since the day I learned what the moon is. The reason I didn’t give it a five was because I was not alive in
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truth - Mike Rosenbloom Communication Theory Professor...

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