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Movie Review- Cloverfield Godzilla meets Blair Witch in this thriller, directed by Matt Reeves. It’s not actually Godzilla, but from the few scenes where we actually get to see the monster, it looked close enough. It’s a suspenseful, well told action movie, shot from the POV of a hand- held camera that you’d find in any Circuit City. The movie can get awfully scary at some points, and sometimes will make you sick with the movements of the camera. Rob (Michael Stahl-David) is the lead character who is about to leave for a job in Japan. He comes home to a farewell surprise party thrown by his best friend Hud (T.J Miller). Hud has the camera, and tapes people saying goodbye to rob, including Lily (Jessica Lucas) and Jason (Mike Vogel), two of Rob’s good friends. As the party rages, a loud noise is heard, the building starts to rock and the lights start flickering. Everyone runs to roof to see a huge explosion and the city being slowly destroyed. Once down on the street, we see a small glimpse of a huge monster, and the head of the Statue of Liberty
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