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img277 - v" ire/«4 mama Section A Answer ALL...

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Unformatted text preview: v" ire/«4, mama Section A: Answer ALL questions (ONE BEST ANSWER) on the scantron 1.. Which of the following statements about cholesterol is FALSE? a) is synthesized in the liver b) is used to synthesize steroid hormones 0) high density lipoproteins facilitate the excretion of cholesterol @a blood cholesterol level of 160' mg/dL is considered high a e) excessive levels of cholesterol in blood are a risk factor for heart disease 2. C}lycogen: a) is used as an energy store in animals (b) exists as long unbranched polymers of glucose )( J (c) is stored in liver and skeletal muscle (53’ a and c. are correct ‘ e) all of the above are correct 3. A glycopro-tein (GP), present in mammalian cells, is composed of a single chain of amino acids and has an amino terminus located outside the cell, a carboxylic acid (C terminus) located in the cytoplasm, and 7 transmembrane- spanning segments in the form of alpha —'helices. Which of the following statements about GP is (are) TRUE? ' a) leucine and valine would most likely occur in the C terminus “\Mfl‘l , b) GP has quaternary structure ~ I. @ carbohydrate residues would be located on the amino terminus d). a and c are correct e) all of the above are correct 4. Which of the following statements about triglycerides iis FALSE? a) are used as an energy store / b) help to insulate the body against cold temperatures/ (2) contain glycerol linked to & fatty acid molecules d) can be metabolized to acetyl coenzyme A e) are stored in adipose tissue ...
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