CALVIN - CALVIN'S THEOLOGY (The Argument of the Institutes)...

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CALVIN’S THEOLOGY (The Argument of the Institutes) Book One: “The Knowledge of God and the Creator” I.1.1 “Nearly all the wisdom we possess . . . consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and the knowledge of ourselves.” ( duplex cognitio ) I.2.1 To “know” God is not a matter of abstraction or speculation; it is knowledge informed by piety and religious dispositions: e.g. “trust, reverence, fear, veneration.” I.3.1 “There is within the human mind, and indeed by natural instinct, an awareness of divinity. . . .To prevent anyone from taking refuge in the pretense of ignorance, God himself implanted in all men a certain understanding of his divine majesty.” I.4.1 . . . “their minds are but factories for idols.” “They do not . . . apprehend God as he offers himself, but imagine him as they have fashioned him in their own presumption.” I.4.4: “The skillful ordering of the universe is for us a mirror in which we can contemplate God who is otherwise invisible . . .” I. 6-7: “God bestows the actual knowledge of himself upon us only in the Scriptures.” “Spectacles” Scriptures are confirmed as the Word of God by the witness of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit authenticates the Scriptures to us, or “seals” the Scriptures to our hearts. (cf. I.vii.4; III.i.1,3; III.ii.15, 33-36). I. 8. “. . . so far as human reason goes” there are also arguments in Scripture that establish the credibility of Scripture: 1) “simplicity of spiritual elegance” 2) “great antiquity,” 3) miracles; and 4) the ancient church I.11. dangers of idolatry I.12. “function and limits of Christian Art” I.13. Doctrine of God: Deus Absconditus in Triune nature. I.15. Doctrine of Humanity: “Original integrity” “We infer that, to begin with, God’s image was in the light of the mind, in the uprightness of heart, and in the soundness of all the parts. Now God’s image is the perfect excellence of human nature, which shone in Adam before his defection, but was subsequently so vitiated, and almost blotted out, that nothing remains after
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CALVIN - CALVIN'S THEOLOGY (The Argument of the Institutes)...

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