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test 3 free response - Psychology 100 Fall 2008 Madigan...

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Psychology 100 Fall 2008 Madigan PSYCHOLOGY 100 REVIEW TEST 3 Short Essay Questions 1. Big Five traits and their psychological.behavioral meaning 1. Neuroticism-Stability( score high on neuroticism) i. pay more attention to and exhibit better recall of threats unpleasant information in their environment ii. manifest more distress when given a surprise math test iii. be much more susceptible to mental disorders, especially depression and anxiety disorders 2. Extraversion-Introversion i. Attend more parties and be rated as more popular ii. Be more often seen as leaders in their fraternity or sorority iii. Live with and work with more people iv. Be less disturbed by sudden loud sounds or other intense stimuli 3. Openness to experience-non-openness i. Be more likely to enroll in liberal arts programs rather than professional training programs in college ii. Change careers more often in middle adulthood iii. Perform better in job training programs iv. Be more likely to play musical instrument v. Exhibit less racial prejudice 4. Agreeableness-antagonism i. Be more willing to lend money ii. Have higher school grades and fewer behavior problems during childhood iii. Manifest less alcoholism or arrests in adulthood 5. conscientiousness-undirectedness i. be more sexually faithful to their spouses ii. receive higher ratings for job performance iii. smoke, drink less, live longer and have better diets. 2. Validating a personality assessment test a. Reliability : stability over time. Consistency across observers. b. Test-retest reliabilities : give two “parallel” or “equivalent” forms of the test at two different points in time. How much do scores fluctuate? c.
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test 3 free response - Psychology 100 Fall 2008 Madigan...

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