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Sexual Dimorphism

Sexual Dimorphism - turn the dial • Piagets water level...

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Sexual Dimorphism Females are homozygous so they are protected against certain genetic diseases. Sex differences in senory and perceptual process-sense of smell, sniff vials containing different substances. You tell the person how much you smell. The curve goes down you can smell more and more Male performance barely changes at all compared to females. This is a logaritimic scale. Perceptual learning. How did these supertasters originate. Two basic sensory methods that are different in males and females. The folding experiment-better episodic memory, males higher performance then females. Shepards mental rotation task you rotate it and see if it is the same object in the first diagrams Males tend to be more extreme on the shepards mental rotation Rod and frame test- you sit and you look at this display and you are supposed to
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Unformatted text preview: turn the dial • Piagets water level test draw the resulting waterline. Draw a line almost horizontal from the first bottle. Boys get it better in the girls because the girls tend to draw it going up a little. • Tale brains seem to be a bit larger, the differences seems to exist because of difference of body size. • Ratio of grey matter to white matter is greater in females • Social background • Men are grey matter and woman are white matter • Sex differences in symmetry-listening to faint sounds. Male and females perform evenly well. • Changes cognitive abilities then it improves them • “Radial maze” • “elevated maze- they don’t like high places. • MRT scores goes up when they retake it and it goes up more in females then for males. • Gain for females- they maintained it. •...
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