MassMedia9.11.06 - Intro to Mass Media 9/11/06 Internet and...

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Intro to Mass Media 9/11/06 Internet and New Technologies - Media at the Crossroads I. The Internet A. An information (super) highway that. .. 1. Was initally established and subsidized by the government. 2. More recently has been taken over (and expanded) by private enterprise. 3. In 2004 --75% of American homes were connected to the internet -- only 12 years after the introduction of the first Web browsers 4. Major part of the global economy -- although most observers are more cautious after dot-com bubble burst in 2000. B. Internet History 1. 1960s -- U.S. Defense Department's Advance Research Projects Agency (ARPAnet) 2. Nicknamed the "Net" 3. Survivable communications in a post-nuclear war world 4. No central central authority C. Network Systems 1. Centralized, Decentralized and Distributed networks A. Centralized networks are vulnerable due to a single nerve center. B. Decentralized networks less so due to several main, independent nerve centers C. Even better, distributed networks have no nerve centers -- virtually impossible to stop the transmission of information (9/11) ". ..reminds me of the original reason the internet was invented in 1969 -- to serve as a decentralized network that couldn't be brough down by military attack" D. Explosive Growth in the '90s 1. The internet promised: a. Everything for everybody all the time b. Power in the palm of your hand But. ..power to do what? E. Convergence at the speed of light 1. The intersection of mass media on the internet was made possible by three key technological developments: a. digital communication b. microprocessors c. fiber-optic cable A. Digital Communication 1. You know the drill here:
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MassMedia9.11.06 - Intro to Mass Media 9/11/06 Internet and...

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