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holocaust notes - 1 What qualifies this even as a genocide...

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1. What “qualifies this even as a genocide? 2. What were the historical/political/ideological context of the genocides? The Young Turks were formed from an echelon of bureaucrats and soldiers dissatisfied with the way that the empire was being run, notably in the face of the accelerating erosion of its territories. (Hov 25 looking) a. A powerful stereotype of Armenians began to emerge based on relative Armenian socioeconomic success in certain quarters, as Armenian social visibility increased. This stereotype was founded on urban professionals, merchants, money lenders, and middlemen, the rural traders, as well as on certain regions and elements of the agricultural economy, notably in Cilica. 28 looking b. The year 1909 saw abortive moves to impose trade boycotts againstthe Ottoman Greeks, as part of a general stategy suggested for use also against Armenians by Young Turk radicals even before the 1908 revolution. 29 c. 3. what were the rationale/motivations of the perpetrators of genocides? a. The Turkish nationalist line has, of course, been that Armenians, unbidden by Turkish policy, brought deportations upon themselves by wartime trachery. (35 hov looking) [ there were some that pursued rebellious agendas but the majority did do the same thing. This parallels the Jewish
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holocaust notes - 1 What qualifies this even as a genocide...

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