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holocaust book summaries

holocaust book summaries - Starving Armenians America and...

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“Starving Armenians” America and the Armenian Genocide, 1915-1930 Merrill Peterson looks at the American response to these atrocities which is very interesting because it touches on how aware the Americans were of this horrible event. There were several organizations that were trying to protest this event and help bring more awareness to the world. There are many similarities between the Armenian Genocide and the Jewish Genocide but they both had different responses which this book highlights. Armenia also wanted to establish an independent republic under American Auspices which did not happen because it was taken over by the Soviet Union. This could be compared to the Jewish Nation trying to establish a Nation together. They both struggle to form their own independent state after such an horrible event. Peterson was a peace Corps volunteer who went to the country in 1997. Remembrance and denial: The case of the Armenian Genocide
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